Monday 30th of March 2020

Good Morning Everyone,

We hope you are all staying healthy at home. 


While we are still operating, primarily through our Manning Road practice, we are aware that some of you may be unable to come into the clinics at this time. 


For those of you who cannot come in, we would like to continue providing you with any support and care we can during this time. The button below will take you to our chiropractic exercise booklet, full of stretches/exercises you can do at home. 

Please note: If you find that any of the exercises cause discomfort or pain, stop that particular exercise/stretch immediately.


Also, please remember walking is the best exercise. Even just marching on the spot is more beneficial than sitting on the couch. 

Yours in Health, 

Dr Hellemons, Marianne, Leah, Leonie and Savannah.

Wednesday 25th of March 2020


Good Morning Everyone,

Well aren’t we in unprecedented times?? So these times are calling for changes. We have had to make the difficult decision to restrict City hours to Tuesday mornings only. All other city times will be transferred to the Manning Rd practice. This way we are able to minimize any risk for anyone needing care at this time.


We will still be following all protocols mentioned in our previous email. We are spreading appointments so that there is no more than 1-2 people in the clinic at any one time. Please feel free to remain in your car in the carpark and call us to let us know of your arrival. We can then come and get you when it is time for your appointment and minimise your time in the clinic and any contact needed.
Of course if you are unwell please don’t attend our clinic at this time.
Yours in Health,
Dr Hellemons, Marianne, Leah, Leonie and Savannah.

Monday 23rd of March 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Just a quick follow up to last Monday’s email.  I am sure you have been inundated with long emails, updates and statistics, so I will not do that to you.
We are currently considered as “essential services” and are still open and looking after everyone as we usually do. 
We have had a few people enquiring as to whether we are open and what we are doing regarding Covid19.  Here are a few but certainly not all the steps we are taking to keep everyone and ourselves safe and healthy:


  • All magazines and non-essential reading materials have been removed (unfortunately that includes Footrot flats ;) )

  • No children’s toys. 

  • We are spreading our appointment schedule so there is no more than a few people in the clinics at one time.

  • Tables are being cleaned and disinfected between every patient.

  • We have hand sanitizer and areas where we ask you to wash hands please.

  • Also, if you are attending our Manning Rd practice, you are able to wait in your car and be brought in from there, keeping contact to a minimum.

  • All surfaces are being wiped with disinfectant constantly including door handles, seats etc

  • If you are unwell we please ask you to reschedule your appointment and not come into the clinic until you are well again.

If any further changes are needed in our clinics we will keep you updated.  In the mean-time, please stay safe and well. 
Kind Regards
From Dr Hellemons, Marianne, Leah, Leonie and Savannah.

Monday 16th of March 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I just wanted to touch base quickly to let everyone know we are still open so everyone can have their regular adjustments as part of keeping themselves fit and healthy during this unprecedented time. 
I will not inundate you with all the stats as they are changing constantly and we are all being bombarded with them.  We have put a lot of precautions in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. When you come in you will notice all reading materials have been removed and there are no toys out for the kids. Tables are being cleaned between every patient and constant cleaning is being done as far as chairs, door handles etc etc etc.
If you are feeling unwell, please contact us prior to attending your appointment so we can be appropriately prepared.
Kind Regards
From all of us here at Manning and City Chiropractic Centres.


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